Pitfalls hindering effective employment job coaching

To become a better coach you need to confront your weeknesses, there are no shortcuts. Which is your pitfall?

Do you regard jobseekers as helpless and incapable?
Then you unconsciously start to relate to them that way, and it is impossible to unleash their capacity.

Do you take responsibility of someones job seeking project?
That means that you disqualify the jobseeker as project manager in their own project.

Do you provide good advice and solutions?
Then you turn the jobseeker into a passive consumer of advice!

Do you have opinions about how the jobseekers should conduct themselves?
The jobseekers will loose their confidence in you very quickly and there is no foundation for coaching.

Will you coach accordingly with your own desired results rather than the jobseekers own goals? 
The consequense will be that the jobseeker stop cooperating with you regarding their jobseeking project.

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